Saturday, April 21, 2012


Here is the sketch for the last project (unless I finish it really quickly, which I don't think is possible) for this course, a piece that represents my idetity

Reaching this point was really difficult, I've been trying to achieve this for months. I found quite hard to summarize my identity in a single image/piece...When I started looking at my own identity, I found out that there was so much I should represent, so many different things, aspects of my life, that I didn't know how I should start...First I tried to think about it out of the blue, but that only lead me to think about my personality and my relation with society, leaving out some important things...Then I decided to change my strategy, and tried to think about it by parts, but that didn't help much either...

Anyway, that set me on the right way (I think), as I started learning things about myself...I finally started writting everything down, giving it shape, and listing all the different aspects of my identity...with all that learnt and in my mind, I ended up creating this design

It works as a whole thing, everything is conected and moving, flowing...I feel this piece represents everything that I am right now at this point of my life, I feel identified with it

Now comes the technical part, I'd love to do this in bronze, but I really don't know if it's technically possible, or if the University has the equipment needed for this...I know I could do it in wood, but I thinks it's important that it's made of bronze...I'll have to check the different options

Monday, April 9, 2012

2 weeks later

Two weeks later I've finished the plural identity project...Basically, thanks to Easter, I worked a lot...As the theorical and concept explanations are on the last entry, I won't write about them now

The piece was way harder from wat I expected when I made the sketch, it took more time and effort than expected, but I managed to finish it before planned at the end

I gave each spike it's shape, and then when it was polished, cut it in small pieces and glue it again. When all the spikes were ready, I glued them together and repeated the process with the lower zone: shape it, polish it, cut and glue it the end it became really difficult to keep it on because I couldn't attach the piece to something stable enough to cut it properly

I'm quite stisfied with the final result, it's similar to the first idea I had and working with a lot of small pieces turned out as I expected, although it possed a lot of extra work which I didn't count with at the beginning