Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It's been almost a month from the last post, so I felt I should write about what I've been working on the past days:

Basically, it's been a lot of research and meditation, about identity, and the different theories and ways it's been and is currently being studied. Thanks to this, I found several things that I find quite interesting such as:

In Philosophy, the word identity is used to talk about the relation an individual has with him/herself, without paying attention to the enviroment or the persons who surround him. The word identity comes from the latin "identitas", which means sameness, therefore, the philosophical concept says that the identity means the complete sameness to oneself. I find quite interesting how a word which means "sameness" has evolved until it's meaning is related to the different aspects that make one person different from others

In the psicological field I found the concept of "personal continuity", how a person evolves, and so does the identity, how it is in a constant process of evolution, but at the same time, identity is preserved through time, and how we tend to look at it as a "still", meaning that, eventhough the identity is always evolving with the person, we have a still image of how a person's identity is.

Relating an individual identity with the society, it appears as personal identity, or individual identity is in fact a relatively recent concept, as centuries ago individuals weren't so important as they are today. It also appears that this has different meanings  subject to which society it's related to, as western society emphasizes more on individual habilities and differentiations as other cultures, as asian do, meaning, that not all humans find so important to be unique in front of society, but rather be part of society. Society has a permanent influence over individuals, up to extreme cases where individuals forget about their individual identity for the social identity

This is a summary of what I've been researching on, and what I found more interesting for my proyects. I think that working on the ideas of evolution, multiple identities, and plura identities may be quite interesting. This also helped me to think about my own identity, and how do I work, and gave me the idea of portaying my own identity (but I still have to work a lot on that)

On the practic field, I have access to the installations and a room where to keep my things, and my tools finally arrived, so I can start working on the sculptures. Right now I'm looking for the best way to fuse metal plates to be able to do the mirror piece. Finally, I'm also working on the documentary proyect about social influence, as I hope I can integrate the final movie in this proyect

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