Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's all about now

Well, I've thought of writting this for months now, but always forgot

The pictures are from a tattoo I got around the end of october. The design is exactly what it seems, a mix of the pieces that went to the Reflektion exhibition. I was opposed to tattoos for all my life, but after months of thinking, I value them now, at least, if they have a real meaning or true purpose. Mine is a memory and a promise, might sound chessy, but last year really marked my life and how I see it. It was also my happiest year, I think that it changed me forever, so I also get a mark in my body to remember it.

But it's not about memories, it's about keeping up the pace. Like I did with my identity, I broke down the whole experience of Sweden to it's core: growth, confidence and freedom, promising to myself that I'll live like I did there: taking all the chances I got, doing everything I could, experiencing the most and enjoying all of it...Back there and then, I thought "When this year is over, I don't want to regret that I missed any experience, I'll do everything, so when it's over, it'll be a shame, but there won't be nothing to regret, I did everything that could be done". So the tattoo is a remindert, so I'll never loose opportunities and regret it later

I was against tattoos because it's a forever mark on your body. I countered that by thinking that we are constantly marking ourselves and our bodies, be it sports, drinking, smoking, accidents, fashions...Everything we do marks ourselves forever, and usually it has a bad effect. A tattoo is a voluntary mark, a decision like studying arts, or going to Sweden, I chose it. I also think, that it's a beautiful link with my art, as now it's on my body. Anyway, I don't think I'll ever get another one, and I think I'll never regret it, as I'll never regret going to Sweden, or living as I live now

About life nowadays, I'm taking a serious dessign course, so I learn how to properly use Ai, Ps and ID. Also, I became an university assistant, so I'm giving lessons on my home faculty, It's also about dessign and those programs, but I also get to use the installations on the university to work on my projects, and I'm also learning a lot about teaching. To top it, I'm also working to take the Proficency Test in english, which I hope I'll get in March, and I formed a working group with some friends to work on animations and learn more...I finally chose to learn about effects, so my work is linked with fire, water, sand, explosions...everything that flows in an animation

To finish it, I'm looking for a master on this, so probably next year I'll live abroad again, hopefully, given the options, USA or Canada.

I'm still working on art projects, finishing the bronze ball, and planning new sculptures and engravings, so I'll update this from time to time, even if it's only for me to write it down and keep a diary of it

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