Thursday, January 26, 2012

The mirror

Here is the whole process of this project: I used iron plates and welded them with a gas mixture welder. When the whole structure was welded, I burnt  and melt the borders to make them uneven, and used the heat from that to rust the piece.

Originally, I planned on just polishing it and leave it like that, but by Per's suggestion I welded the central zones and polished them with a grinding disc so the central zone would have a greater fade, and would look more like a single piece instead of several iron plates put together (that's the fourth image)...And finally polished it again until it became a mirror in the central zone

The piece itself didn't turn out to be exactly as I planned at first, I found several problems with the welding process, as the plates were too thin for the techniques I was using on them, they melted, deformed and behaved in different and weird ways, which I had to deal with and adapt to the idea. On the other hand, I found really interesting and useful learning about gas welding.

Anyway, I'm happy with the final result, I thought I'd need to chrome the piece to make it reflective, and that was not needed at the end. Eventhough the piece itself doesn't match completely the first idea, I think it's better, the first one was way more controled and forced

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