Sunday, March 4, 2012


 Here is the second project, the wood sculpture about how we are influenced by our relatives, enviroment, etc, and how those influences are the foundations of our identity

About the process, I think it's quite funny (and also paradoxical if you think about the sculpture theme) that I made this sculpture breaking all the guidelines I was given on my previous years of studies: gluing the wood pieces "against fiber", and giving them colour and wax coating before sculpting the upper zone, also gluing those pieces to a massive trunk...

Basically, I chopped the wood into small pieces, polished them, glued them (against fiber), polished them again to give them the correct shape, coloured them with anilines, coated them with wax, and then I glued them to the trunk, which was later carved, polished and coated. Of course, guidelines are there for something, and I encountered some problems such as weak gluings, the wood pieces got quite dirty after the carving of the trunk, and I had to polish the wax again, and some of the wood pieces were displaced after the gluing, so I had to polish them, and even remove one

Anyway, It was a really useful project, I learnt how to use the big machines, that are forbidden for students in Spain, I got to colour wood with anilines for the first time, I experienced with difficult gluings, and carved for the first time a trunk, which was quite satisfactory

I'm satisfied with the final result, the sculpture is really smilar to the first idea, and turned out well

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