Sunday, March 4, 2012


As I said in a previous update, the idea of working about identity came when I was working on a woodcut project that dealt with life and death...What lasts?

Then, I thought about how humans have been signing up since they were humans, from the cave paintings, to craftsmen, artists...even grafittis are signatures.

Signatures have a huge importance, they represent ourselves, they are used to make decisions, to mark, and they last through time, they are used to last...A good example of the great importance of signatures is the anecdote about how Picasso stained someone's trousers (a french ambassador if I recall correctly), and how, instead of being upset, he asked Picasso to sign up the trousers, it was paint in some trousers, but a signature gave them further importance and meaning...I think this also has great importance for the art world, as a piece it's not only important by itself, but who made it is...

But signatures usually are written, or nowadays they are just numbers...they can be copied, and they are arbitrary, I don't understand a chinesse signature, and probably my signature won't mean anything to a chinesse...

But as humans, we have some characteristics that are common to all of us, but at the same time are unique...One of this characteristics is the finger print: all of us have one, but each person's is slightly different from everybody else...this is even used by the police to track down people

I thought it's quite funny that one of this unique characteristics is in fact a print, we stamp our finger to get a finger print, So I thought about making a woodcut of my own finger print, and making a stamp, a piece, which is actually my biological signature...And also, making a piece of my signature, is making a piece about myself, about me as an artist, and the importance that may have that I made a piece like this...It also conects with the asiatic style of signing, as far as I know, they have a stamp so their signature is always exactly the same...

Nowadays, this project is half-way done, I'm currently carving a disc of a trunk of ash...I don't know yet where or how I'll stamp it

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