Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Well, 3 weeks ago I listed my objectives, the projects I had in mind...and talked about making a sculpture about the plural identities, I said I didn't have this idea quite clear yet...

Right now I've changed my plans, and I've started working on this, It's going to be a wood sculpture completely made of small pieces as if it was a puzzle.

We are social beings, we are small pieces of society, we need it to survive, to have all our needs covered, to be part of it we work, we have friends, we consume...and we make it work. a single person usually wont go too far, even behind the greatest personalities in history there is a lot of people working for them...That explains the shape of this sculpture, all the pieces together can rise higher, they are stronger and can achieve things that a single piece couldn't...a single piece would never be able to be a single spike

On the other hand, the spikes themselves have their own identity, as groups do...from bussiness, companies, political parties, even countries...when we think about them, they have their own atributes...and they do what we alone can't

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  1. sounds very exciting

    i am looking forward to seeing it!