Sunday, March 4, 2012

Towards June

Well, we are now in march, and the end of the course and the exhibition draws closer...I still have a lot of projects in mind, with the hope that I'll be able to complete them all...They aren't still really defined, or there is no chance to make a sketch of some of them...

-Different identities: each one of us has in fact several identities, several faces, we aren't the same when we are with our family, than we are with our friends, with people we don't know that much...Some people just may know you when you work, while others just when you party. Nowadays we also have internet, where we can be whoever we want...I think this are parts of our identity, and I'd like to make an scultpure in clay about this...I have the idea quite clear, but not enough yet to make a sketch (and I should focus more on what I'm doing now)

-The human footstep: This project would be related to the finger print, being also a woodcut. I think it's quite interesting how each animal has it's own footprint, and by that you may be able to recognize what kind of animal it is. But what about humans? to begin with, we wear shoes, which makes us have lots of footprints and at the same time, they are all made of, because they are industrially produced...But the human signature on the world doesn't end up there, we've changed the world, built cities, destroyed forests...I think that is also the human signature on the world

-Just a photo: I find quite funny all what it takes nowadays to make a "normal photo"...or what is supposed to be so...lightning, make up, clothing, background, editing...images of people can be so artificial, yet, we are so used to them, that I thought it could be an intersting project to get started with photography...This project would be somehow related with the mirror

-A bunch of numbers: one of the most recurrent aspects of identity nowadays is the "official" identities we have, we are identified by the goverment, by the many numbers can identify one person? I'd also would make a photo proyect about this

-Plural identities: groups also have identities, and have a huge rol in our society nowadays...people are just pieces of this, they make them work. All of us are related to plural identities, we are social beings, we get together...This is the project that is the least clear for me right now

-self-identity: this would be the last project for the course, and a must-do for me...There has been a lot of self-portaits, but as far as I know, there hasn't been any self-identity...I want to abstract the image I have about my identity right now, and make a sculpture about it, I think it's quite important to make this after this whole project, and also quite fitting for the end of my studies

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