Friday, September 9, 2011

The 3º year proyects

Well, my 3º year was more focused on learning other techniques rather than developing big proyects, but I also started to give some meaning to the pieces I made. As I don't know how to put images between the texts, I'll write about each one by order

1- The resin sphere: I wanted to try working with resin, as it offers a lot of different posibilities. The piece is based on the idea of space seen not only as a void, but also as the space that the piece has by itself, it's inner space and it's outer space. Thinking about that, I decided to use transparent resin to make posible to see through the sphere; that way, the piece is not only intended to be seen as a sphere, but also as a place full of voids, negative voids as the sphere then again, it's full of resin. Therefore, you can see outside shape and the inner shape

Working with resin means working with chemical reactions. In order to create de different spaces, I mixed pigment with parts of the resin. The chemical reactions lead the pigments to change their colors in some places, also the heat generated by the resin deformed the ball and cracked it in several ways, allowing also some air bubbles in...So the final result was better than expected.

2- The hand-forest: Ever thought about all the power and meanings that your hands and fingers have? well, I did, hands are one of the most used parts of the human body, and they also hold a lot of meanings, not to tlk about body language.

Using alginate, a powder made from japanesse seaweed, which can create the most exact casts, I casted some family and friends hands, and fingers, in order to create a piece completely made of hands and fingers, reflecting different meanings and expresions by each one of them...As it has a lot of different people's hands, you can also recognize how do they use them, how old are they, and even part of their personalities.

Iron-face: This proyect was intended to learn how to weld iron. It also has a conection with the anatomy studies I took that year, so it was originally supposed to represent some of the face muscles, but I ended giving different shapes to the iron wire. The hair was also supposed to be completely made of iron wire, but I had the chance to get lots of old, broken and lost keys, and decided to use them too.

I also wanted to drive the attention towards some of the most powerful features of the human face...The supposed simmetry (as it really doesn't exist) and the eyes; also, the hair, wich is one of the things we notice first when looking at someones face, is more flashy with all the different keys

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