Tuesday, September 13, 2011

other proyects and works

Here are five smaller proyects and works I developed In the past four years, they aren't big proyects, but each one of them has teached me something important that helped me in bigger proyects or ideas, or just learning, so i felt they should be posted here.

The firsts two are made of clay. Using a human model as reference, we had to make an interpretation of what we were seeing. The first one is made as if it was wax melting, it was almost summer and that was the general feeling in the class. The second one simply is a study of anatomy, but directed to some disproportions I found interesting. Those pieces where made on the spring of 2011

The next one is made of ice, it's not a class work or proyect, I made it on my own because I wanted to give Land Art a try, as in class we had been studying it. For me, and the classic history of art education I had recieved up until then, it was quite impressive to make a proyect knowing it wont last, and not only that, but the concept of it's dissapearing was also a crucial point of the piece itself...That idea has been in my head since then, how a lot of pieces are meant to last centuries, or even milleniums. This piece was made in the winter of 2007, and it lasted only 4 days.

Next one is a parrot built up with different materials, it's also from my first year of Fine Arts. We were given a theme: The animals "houses" and it's relationship with the human. Each student made a different piece, and some of them got selected to take part in the exposition of "Domus et Animalia", in the Faculty of Fine Arts, during the spring of 2008. That was my first exposition with other students.

The next one is a Raving Rabbid, a videogame character. This was an assignement we had on the second year of Fine Arts. We had to model in clay a fantasy character using photos and other documentation. Later we also had a chance to make a plaster cast to make it a plaster piece. If this piece is here, it's because some people got interested in it, and asked me for copies, so instead of a plaster cast I ended up making a silicon cast, being able to make as many copies as I wanted to, selling seven copies, being able to recover the money invested in the cast, as silicon is quite expensive, and also learning a lot about silicon and it's applications.

The last one was made during my third year, it's a plaster relief polychromed with watercolor and graphite powder. It's based on the water flow, a thing that always amazes me when I see it, as it is so full of movement, you can see it in small parts, or as a whole movement

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