Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who are you?

Recently, when I go out to party, I've been noticing something that I found quite funny, but also quite interesting: how everybody is doing their best to look as good, beautiful, sexy, etc as possible, making efforts to look like intelligent, funny and interesting people...

The reasons each one have are up to themselves (searching for friends/ hooking up / having fun), but it got me thinking about how we try to disguise ourselves, that image we are generating is only a really small piece of all our identity, and in some cases, it's not even that, it's a lie. It also works in the opposite way: how can you know that a person you just met is being him/herself? As you get to know a person better, you usually notice that they aren't as marvellous as the originally looked like...They have bad days, they aren't always that funny/intelligent/etc, they aren't as good looking as they were, etc...

This is the theme and concept of the first piece I want to make: a mirror. In Spain we usually say " An image is worth more than a thousand words", So i want to make a mirror, if possible, made of iron (but we'll se that, if the university gives me access to the installations, and if they have installations to work iron). The idea is to make a piece which is quite reflective in it's center, the piece would have a circular shape, and it also would be convex, with the reflective zone standing more. I want the central part of the piece to be a mirror, but as you go to the borders of the piece, it won't reflect anymore, instead it will gradually get rusty and cracked, just as it happens when you meet a person: at first, you'll see the image he or she wants to give, it's a deformed image, but quite flashy and clear, then, as you get to know him or her better, you start to notice the rusty parts, the cracks, their imperfections (that also makes them human)

This piece is an introduction to the whole proyect, simply looking at it, you'll see your deformed image, which leads to think about who are you and what is the image you are trying to give to other people.

Those 2 drawings are sketches of 2 different ways the piece could be like. I know drawing is not my strong point, and not having a scaner also makes it have even worse resolution, but it's a starting point

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