Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting started

Well, for me it always takes some time to start writting, even more if it's from zero...So I guess I'll just start introducing myself and some of the things I've worked on these past few years, as I've never had a blog before, I'll take this chance to use it to it's full extent and register here my proyects, inspirations and thoughts

As an introduction, I'm a spanish student studying abroad in Sweden, my name is Enrique, but I got used to call myself Morris (my second surname) as lots of people call me like that in Spain.

This is my last year of studies, unless I start a master afterwards. I felt that my home faculty didn't have much more to offer to me, so I'd rather study abroad, know other people, other cultures, and take the chance to develop a whole proyect.

My proyects usally take form as sculptures and woodcut. Painting, drawing or photography are ways of expresing that I don't use that much. I like working with my own hands on each proyect or piece I develop, as I believe it's an esential part of creating.

On the other way, but a more "practical" one from a "job perspective", I also work with 3D, as I find quite interesting the animation/videogame world, so maybe I'll also post here some of the stuff I've been working on this past year.

To finish this post, I'd also like to mention that music has a huge influence on me, I'm the kind of person who wakes up in the morning and puts some music to play on, and leaves it playing the whole day until it's time to go to bed, So I'll also probably post videoclips or just songs here. This music might go from great rock classics to new hits from a wide range, as I usually enjoy really different kinds of music.

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