Saturday, September 10, 2011


This is also one of my last proyects, finished in June. It's main theme is the growing, and how it affects everyones life.

The idea of this proyect came from a personal experience, the growth of my wisdom teeth. This got me thinking in how growing up is an inherent part of everyone's life, how it's linked to wisdom, such as growing some teeth supposedly is a prove of wisdom and maturity, but also, how growing also means pain and finally death, and how we don't have any control over it.

The sculpture seeks movement, as growing up always mean moving forward, but also the pain it carries with it. The form is based on a tooth, mixed with movement. The stone is alabaster, but it turned to be quite a strange alabaster, as its almost green

Technically, working on this proyect made me learn a lot about using mechanical tools, as up until this point, everything I made is mostly done with traditional tools. I worked with a really limited schedule, as I only had month left to develop a working with mechanical tools was mandatory to finish it on time. Mechanical tools supposed a great speed up, and the piece was made in one week, concretely, with 20 hours of work on it

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