Saturday, September 10, 2011

About the ideas

Well, now we are getting closer to the present. This has been my biggest proyect so far, and I finished it in June.

The proyect was focused on the ideas, how do they appear, how do they grow up, expand, evolve. An idea usually is the first step in every proyect, so I found interesting working on how do a proyect get started.

The piece represents all the process, in it's form and by itself, as the proyect evolved a lot while I was working on it for almost a year. The shape of the sculpture wants to represent how an idea usually arises from something small, and then expands in different ways, as an idea never has a linear development. The sculpture is based on a really small base, less than 20cm, and it expands over a 1'5 square meters. The position of the different pieces search to combine also the idea of positive and negative space that I mentioned when I was talking about the resin sphere.

Technically, this has also been my biggest challenge so far, as building the whole structure, making it balanced without adding counterweight, calculating all the weights, the pieces distribution...

I think this proyect summarizes well my way of working, it has everything I seek when I work, and also reflects well my evolution since I started studying arts

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